Monday, October 21, 2013

iPower 4" 6" 8" inch Air Carbon Filter Odor Control with Australia Virgin Charcoal for Inline Fan

Ipower 6-Inch air carbon filter odor control with Australia virgin charcoal for inline fan. professional grade filter that will handle the nastiest odors produced by the prettiest plants. ipower filter contains very special virgin carbons that come from some of the oldest, most pressurized sources on earth. not only does the ipower filter have exceptional odor control, but it is a filter that keeps on giving. after the first year of USAge, remove the top flange and the bottom mount, flip the filter unit upside-down and re-mount the flange and the bottom mount in the new position and enjoy another year of odor-scrubbing performance. benefits of a carbon filter: 1050+ iav Australia charcoal. reversible flange. pre-filter included odor control for better privacy. cleaner air to promote better health. features: pre filter included. high quality Australian virgin activated rc 412 carbon. aluminum construction: weighs 50-Percent less than the competition. up to 1.5 years in life expectancy. .

  • 1050+ IAV Australia charcoal
  • Reversible flange
  • Pre-filter included
  • Odor control for better privacy
  • Cleaner air to promote better health

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